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Basic Informations

Born in 1996, Cherbourg, France
Lives and work in Caen, France
+33 6 70 07 29 46

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Festivals & Exhibitions
2020 Regards d'artistes, organised by Elisabeth Doziere, Halle aux grains, Quettehou
2019 Joyeux Noël!, organised by Herveline Geffrault, Caen
2019 Ensemble, curated by Edith Doove, Abbatiale Saint-Ouen, Rouen
2018 Spin OFF, 13 rue des postes, Angoulême
2017 Fanzine! Festival, Folie L5, Paris
2017 F.OFF, Champ de Mars, Angoulême
2016 Careful Counter, Skylight gallery, Vancouver
2015 F.OFF, Le Moon, Angoulême

2020 Confort Moderne, Poitiers
2019 La Fabrique, Caen

2019 Vienna Bible, edition of 100, Therapy Blue, Vienna
2016 HEROES – Fanfiction, edition of 1000, 3-ply x Centre for Style, Editors Fayen d’Evie, Matthew Linde, Spencer Lai and Jake Swinson, Victoria

2017 La moitié manquante, organised by Isabelle Prim, Cinéma Café Des Images, Hérouville Saint-Clair

Covers & Music Videos
2016 Lauren Auder, Outro // Interior, Single Cover
2016 Haydn featuring Goodie Mob, Southern Discomfort, Unreleased Single Cover
2016 Haydn, Stockholm Subway Stories, EP Cover
2015 Haydn, Untitled, Single Cover
2015 Haydn, Neo 08, EP Cover
2015 Haydn, Neo 08, Music Video (with Dennis Vera & Mattematrix)
2015 Haydn, Drake - Best I Ever Had (Remix), Single Cover
2015 Wulfy Benzo, Spyder Active Sports, Music Video
2015 Clubdesportif, Me & You, Single Cover
2015 Shadès, Ocean God, Music Video
2013 Andreas Todini, Interlude, production by Shadès, Music Video
2013 Mike Labyrinth, Shields, Music Video
2013 Haydn featuring Marius Mane, Got Em, Music Video

Web Design



2019 DNSEP, École Supérieure d’Arts & Média, Caen

2017 DNAP, École Supérieure d’Arts & Média, Caen

The color black, grey and brown, Vincent Gallo, John Frusciante, miniature horses, true people, The Peep Show, Go Get Some Rosemary, drawing, drum and bass, tennis table, discomfort, blurring things, being nice, YMCMB, the countryside, The Elementary Particles, ugly or/and outdated objects, teenage years, Alex & Constantin Veis from Fantastic Something, loneliness, my beautiful cat Clochette recently gone, aviator glasses, black metal, extra-small jackets.

Aditional Information
As you may notice I'm french and sometimes I'll wrote in my native language as I'm not that good in english, my appologize to everyone. I may also make mistakes and gratimatical errors, please repport them to me, that will be nice of you.